Independent music marketing: How do we find out about hot new independent UK artists?

The independent music scene in England is blooming, just as it is across the globe. While more established musicians are complaining about the downsides of Spotify, independent musicians are embracing another platform altogether. Soundcloud is the number one place to be for all independent musicians wanting to get their name, and their music, out there. Many will also spend hours upon hours on Soundcloud just to discover new tracks. Soundcloud is a tool for independent music marketing, for those who Can’t go down the mainstream path. Luckily, Soundcloud is just as much a platform for independent music lovers, as it is for the musicians themselves. While there are indie playlists on Spotify and some great ones at that, if you really want to discover the best independent talent Britain has to offer – Soundcloud is the place to do it. It is here we will find the Blur and Oasis of tomorrow. Or otherwise… you know… go down to your local pub, and see who’s playing tonight. That’s certainly independent music marketing in its purest form.

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