Independent music videos taking a new direction

Why musicians are hiring Indie film directors? Since the dawn of the modern music video with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” back in 1983, musicians took music videos to a whole new level. The art of storytelling or simply syncing a beautiful set of images to the rhythm of a song has become an inseparable part of the modern music scene. Because of the huge inflow of artists, the competition both in music and videos has become monstrous. Independent music videos are the new trend. Artist hire indie film directors because they often have original ideas and a different and fresh approach when it comes to directing films. The scene desperately needs a sip of fresh air with so many artists doing the same thing over and over again. Independent music videos and independent music are taking the whole industry to a new and better direction. Being independent puts you outside of the box, pushing you over your limits and making you original and memorable – the most important thing in music.

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