Independent Musicians in the UK That You Need to Know About

Independent musicians in the UK account for about 25% of the music in the market. These musicians produce great and catchy music but remain independent for their own reasons. It’s strange, but that’s how we like it
is the response of most artists who choose to stay “under the radar”. Let’s look at some of the independent musicians in the UK that you need to know. Adele is top of the list of independent artists. She is among the artists who have made history by dominating the Billboard Hot 100. The Arctic Monkeys is a rock band that has produced some of the greatest debut albums of all time in the UK. Basement Jaxx is an electronic music duo consisting of Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton, both from Brixton, London. Another independent singer is Stephen William “Billy” Bragg whose music is a blend of punk rock, folk music, and protest songs. Others include Elizabeth Fraser, Robin Guthrie, and Simon Raymonde, the latter two who came together to form Cocteau Twins. Matt Black and Jonathan More formed an electronic music duo called Coldcut and are credited with the introduction of pop sampling in the ‘80s. The hip-hop arena is represented by Dizzee Rascal, a 32-year old recording artist and record producer.

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