Who is on top of the independent music charts?

The end of the 1970s ushered in a new type of music with artists who believed they were creating new, unique sounds and an independent attitude – nothing traditional. The artists who disturbed the old establishment were divided into two groups – punk and new wave. The new wave artists laid the groundwork for pop and alternative music, and you can say that from then on the independent music charts featured this post-punk music with songwriters such as Elvis Costello and bands like the Pretenders. Of course, there were many one-hit wonders that emerged, but by the early ’80s, new wave music was very much part of the independent music charts, featuring artists such as Duran Duran. It was in 1984 that new wave began to die out, leaving behind some Best New Wave albums such as The Talking Heads, Elvis Costello’s This Year’s Model and Kate Jackson’s British Road Movies, Tidal Wave’s Taking Back Sunday and others. You can get an idea of who is on top of the music charts compiled by the Official Charts Company, based on sales of the music.

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